101 project
101 project - <span class="title">Main ingredient:</span> <span class="desc"> 101 project </span> <span class="title">Directions:</span> <span class="desc"> publishing, events, design, and clothing </span> <span class="title">Prep time:</span> <span class="desc"> 2005 </span>
Main ingredient: 101 project Directions: publishing, events, design, and clothing Prep time: 2005
Recipe: Identity concept for a multi-task company (events, publisher, graphic studio, clothing) The emblems are all based on triangular shapes, juxtaposed to the round shapes of the Keedy based logotype.
Business card, envelope, letterhead (each has on it a different animal with some kind of a music device: the panda with a boombox, flamingo wearing headphones, monkey hold a trumpet) Inspired by japanese design and culture.