Bed & Breakfast
Bed & Breakfast - <span class="title">Main ingredient:</span> <span class="desc"> Bed &amp; Breakfast </span> <span class="title">Directions:</span> <span class="desc"> advertising agency and production house </span> <span class="title">Prep time:</span> <span class="desc"> 2008 </span>
Main ingredient: Bed & Breakfast Directions: advertising agency and production house Prep time: 2008
Recipe: A banana is a good nutrition base, filled with proteins vitamins and cellulose will be great to start a day, and the BB lightgiving banana is a good base of creative ideas, filled with creativity, knowledge and experience is a great source for your advertising campaigns. Logotype based on the well-known and well-designed by Max Meidinger in the late 50's face called Helvetica.